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Poems short in English of love verses of short life

3 de Mayo 2019
Poemas cortos

    Short poems of quality and quick reading: In this session is dedicated to short love poems of good quality, general themes of romantic love poems and bohemian pots poems written by our poets for people who love short poems of love

    Poem of love because I love you.
    Fran Sanz its author. No. 1

    4 May 2019

    want to lose my senses with you, I want to feel loved really, I want to breathe your sighs of your apasianado love. I want to be the Gemini of your life I want you to enlighten my life with your love I want to feel your being on the skin. And I want my life always with you and I want to give you my soul my heart and all my love that is only for you. Short poetry: I want to sigh

    Poem of short love speaks love.
    Fran Sanz its author. No. 2

    4 de Mayo 2019

    Many speak of love but few know its essence, many speak of love but few feel it in their hearts, many speak of love but few know how to give it, many speak of love but the dead do not feel it. Many speak of love but they will never feel it, many speak of love but in their souls they are empty. Many people talk about love but I wonder how you can talk about a feeling that many people will never feel. Short poetry: love talk

    Poem of love short seduces me.
    Pili Vicente its author. Nº3

    4 May 2019

    You seduce me with your look, you seduce me every time you make me smile, you seduce me with each caress until the dawn with each kiss that you give to the soul, how you seduce me and that you are my love. The Poetisa of Andalucia Short poetry: Me seduces

    Poem of love short For you daria.
    Pili Vicente its author. Nº 4

    4 de Mayo 2019

    For you I would give everything I can give if my soul is yours. What can I give if my heart beats for you? What could I give you if I have only one life that wants to live with you? God gave me life and your meaning you give him. The Poetisa of Andalucia. Short poetry: Por ti daria

    Poem of love short Letter to thel.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 5

    4 May 2019

    It hurts so much what was immense in yesterday what will never come again and we had because we will never live up to true love, poor of you to see lived passing the most beautiful thing in life that is to truly love and if Today is forgotten, and one step, and not look back in the past and now hurts if immensely, I remember your caresses and your love delivered, but I feel hurt and lonely, if I hurt your soul in love with my love. Short poetry: Letter for the

    Poem of love short The most beautiful story.
    Pilar Vicente. its author Nº 6

    4 May 2019

    The most beautiful and vivid story of a sweet love, was a fortuitous encounter that life gave him. A new dream and a new illusion, the meaning of love in love and being loved. Each kiss filled him with life, in each caress his body shuddered, when he made her his it was a wonderful world where love and passion were unleashed, without control, shared between the two. Her life the ... her life she ... The most beautiful story told and lived of a great and unique love, that life gave them, to continue growing each day more until the last halo of life that left them that intense love and tender, that through time remained. And death mockery. Short poetry: The most beautiful story

    Poem of short love I want to sigh.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 7

    5 May 2019

    Quiero suspirar profundamente de amor comerte a besos con pasión, sentir los deseos de tu suave piel, beber el elixir profundo de tu amor, sentir tus besos de miel abrazar tu cuerpo hasta el estremecer. Poesia corta : Quiero suspirar

    Poem of short love How much I remember.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 8

    5 May 2019

    I remember when you speak to me softly, when I greet you and you do not, when I looked for your eyes and you do not mine, I look for you and I keep looking for you, but I can not find you. And I see from my infinite loneliness, I see that you do not want to be with me, but I do. I know that my pride is hurt and my dignity has suffered for you, and love is a matter of two, not of one or of three ... How much I remember. That's why my love will continue humiliating me in the pain of my memory for you ... because you do not speak to me my love, because you do not greet me my love, because you do not look for my eyes and I look for yours, because you do not love me my love as I love you. Short poem: How much I remember

    Poema de amor corto Vivir sin ella.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 9

    5 May 2019

    La amo tanto que vivir sin ella es como la muerte en vida, vivir sin ella es como amar sin amor. Vivir sin ella es, mejor no llorar mas, mejor me levanto me visto me pongo guapo y me voy avivir con ella. Poesia corta : Vivir sin ella

    Poem of love short beloved mine.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 10

    5 May 2019

    Beloved, I will dream you awake imagining your loose hair mixing your soul with my body in each awakening. Beloved mine pass the days, you are the flower of my joy that inspire verses of love every night and day from dusk to awakening. My beloved, you are the perfumed flower of the most beautiful garden that floods my life with colors. Beloved mine your soul mixed with my body inspiring verses of deep poetic love or lady night and day. Short poetry: My beloved. Author Fran Sanz. Medieval poetry.

    Poem of love short that feeling.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 11

    5 May 2019

    Esa sensación de amor, es lujuria apasionada de desenfrenada pasión. Esos deseos prohibidos llenos de ansia del amor ese cuerpo mojado de sudor. Ese frenesí caliente de pasión prohibida que recorre tu piel ardiente bella mujer. Esas sensaciones que nos une en una misma alma, en ese éxtasis infinito prohibido del amor. Esa explosión desenfrenada dulce y enamorada de sensaciones apasionadas que me da la vida cuando hacemos él amor. Poesia corta : Esa sensación

    Poem of love short sad poetry.
    its author Fran Sanz. No. 12

    07 May 2019

    Today the poet is sad. And you can write the saddest poem in the world because you're not by my side anymore. I can be a dead person in life because you no longer live in me. Today the poetry cries because it no longer feels isnpirations of love this discouraged heart to love without love without you .. Short poetry: Poesia triste

    Poem of love short My love watches you.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 13

    12 de May 2019

    Now in this hour someone falls in love with you .. you climb for your world without thinking that love watches you ... my eyes stare at you and you are absent .. you went through your world without thinking that love watches you closely ... Short poetry: My love watches you

    Poem of love short Those times.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 14

    12 May 2019

    Those times when darkness fell and love was pure, she sometimes speaks little, and the smell of a man freshly wet. The smell of the perfumes of deep and deep love that I will always remember that music of always for lovers. I will not forget it for the rest of my days, that young melody ... it's a sensual music that brings back the best memories of our life .. Those times when darkness fell and love was pure, she sometimes speaks little, only He sings his longed heart. The smell of the perfumes of deep and deep love that I will always remember that music of always for lovers. I will not forget for the rest of my life? That young melody is a sensual music that I take the best memories of our youth in our lives are my favorite times .. Those times when darkness fell and love was pure, true and deep that I will always remember that music forever for lovers of yesterday ....? in our life are my favorite memories! ,,, Those times of memories in which darkness fell and love was pure and true ... deep that I will never forget that music forever for lovers of yesterday .... Poetry short: Those time.

    Poem of love short She is special.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 15

    12 May 2019

    Man show her all your love she is very special, she makes you feel like a man a special being in her life, she is simple and nothing complicated, but your masculine personality is not so easy to please you just think about you. To a woman that she deserves everything that you should conquer every day, do not give contempt to her affection, she is not a mannequin who has no feeling, but a sensitive being who gives more than she receives to if she is happy when you are, when you are a special man for her, and she deserves to be a special being for you. Remember Man: "Give love to receive love", when love is sincere is received in joy and abundance, so it is very important to feel that your wife's soul feels happy and loved. May the fire of your love live and be growing and that every day is special creates a living and pure relationship with the fruits of the spirit of the god of love, be happy and happy your beloved woman of your youth. Only special man make a special woman feel. Think man and never forget that every woman wants to be supported, encouraged and respected for her actions and thoughts. Man your positive way with a good metal character and sincere heart will help to get the best out of her that feels valued and loved .... and if you will always be your faithful and beloved companion .... and although it is not perfect for I am the perfect woman. Short poetry: She is special.

    Poem of love short Your skin.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 16

    15 July 2019

    Your skin is the sweet honey of flowers that intoxicates me with desires in the prison of your love. I am a prisoner of your entire body, you are my jailer of my painful glory, where I fall in love with the light of your soul, the taste of your lips and the perfume of your skin. Poem of love: Your skin

    Poem of love short A brief poetry.
    its author Fran Sanz. Nº 17

    15 July 2019

    A short love poetry is a little moment with you. A short song is my little illusion of long passion. A short verse is my melody of songs, my muse, because your life is my brief poetry of infinite endless love. A brief poetic illusion written for you, that the poet of love dedicates to you bohemian woman. Poem of love: A short poetry

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